Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK so this is a spoiler post so all ye peoples who are watching TRANSFORMERS 2 within the next few days or so, y'all better come back AFTER you've seen it.

You have been forewarned.

Oh and bare in mind, this comes from a non-fanatic.

So anyway.
Humble verdict of mine: Good not Great.
1st was better.

Enough eye candy throughout the movie to satisfy the Special FX sweet tooth.
But too much eye candy for a plentifulness of scenes till swallowing became difficult.

Bad bad plot.
Egyptians? Pyramids? Really??....
Why does everything sound all too Alien VS Predator / Stargate to me.
A handful of scenes just reminded me of other movies.
Plus Optimus adding all that extra firepower at the end just reminded me of POWER RANGERS when super Magazord bulks up until his neck disappears and his limbs become short from over crowding of armour. Not sexy Optimus. NOT sexy.

Megatron gets pussywhipped.
Suppper potong stim.
In 1st movie like damn yauyeng liddat.
Manatau he's got another dai ko. -____-
Inconsistency. thats all i can say.

And the ultimate downfall of the movie?
I-wanna-shoot-him-to-shut-him-up annoying characters.
So since everyone liked SamWitwit with the fastmovin mouth in the 1st, they decided to make everyone in the movie in his neurotic, fidgety image as well. Robots included.

While we're at it,
whats with the Species-ish Transrobo chick?
What's with Jetfire's godamn Tongkat and the Janggut and the parachute farting?!
What's with the leg humping and the different accents and the fugly WALL-E lookalikes?!

Whatchu doin MikeBay?
Come back to earth pls.

But aiya. All in all still good la.
Super canggih explosions everywhere.
The whole movie is practically a US Military advert promo.

Oh well.
Will wait for the brother to buy the DVD so i can watch it again by skipping the annoying scenes.

Oh. and this here was my fave Decepticon in the movie.

How sweet is that cycloptic pussy?


Ammar said...

remember the bullet Matrix. my opinion is the movie a bit draggy. thought that sam and mikaela could send all the dust to optimus in just a few minutes. [what's the use of those autobots?]

but in the end, FX muc better from 1 but not so great la...just GOOD and BEST only. entertaining enough for my eyes.

Jaemy.C said...

ya i found it draggy.
and yaaa all the other autobots like damn sad like tat. cannot fight wan. like Optimus is the ONLY robot that can fight.

i prefer the battle scenes in the 1st one because u can actually see how they are fighting and whats happening. this one i just had a headache..... -___-

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