Monday, April 27, 2009


Damn it la.
Life is depressing.
it's only been a month after my 2week break and already I feel like i need another long holiday.
I'm serious.
I took up my calendar today and without realising it, started telling myself that it was time i took another long holiday for more self indulgent splurge trips. Snapped back into reality after realising i JUST got back early this month.

My body is so so lazy now it can't even handle a month without a holiday.

See. Damn depressing right?

PoPoh came back from HIS turn of a 2 week break today and was HAPPILY skipping around throwing basket after basket of freebies and souvenirs from Japan and Vietnam into our zombified blue Monday palms.

Yes you heard me right.

Stupid fella was actually smiling and chirpy and being all positively radiant and shit on his 1st day back at work.

When i got back from my break i literally dragged my brooding butt into the office faced down hunched back as low as i could possibly go so people wouldnt even notice i was around.

I avoided as much eye contact as i could with everyone around me.

I sulked and groaned throughout the day so much that Carin had to put on earphones and blast her 50cent vulgar rap hooks to drown out my whining.

I put on lansi face so lansi that i didnt even layan Adrian's hourly slap on my back that day.

What's wrong withchoo Poh wat's wrooong witchoo!?

And of course, it doesnt make things any better when you keep seeing people around you at work leaving for greener pastures in life.

This is LiAnn posing with her FAREWELL FLOATER that we graciously presented to her as a going away prezie.

She's skedaddling off to London for 6 months doing voluntary work.
Yes. 6 months.
Lucky beeyotch.

This is audioman ChrisHiggs who just left.
He's the Hagrid on the far right.

He'll be focusing on his own audio company.
Dude's probably gonna do funner work and earn triple of wat he does/earn here la.
Lucky yeediot. You can see his work on GHOST season 2 on tv now.

Then these few months i dunno why suddenly, the whole world decided to get married.
Carin kick started it with her KL Tower extravaganza.
Then it's Hueyen's in June.
Then Elea's in Oct.
Heck i'm even helping out this someone who's getting married in a week.

What's wrong witchoo people what's wrooong!?

Oh check out my stylo new look.

Courtesy of Shahrool who was working late with me the other day.
Yesh. Nerdy is the new sexy.

In times of darkness, these babies kept me happy.

Redcurrant Puffs from Marks & Spencer.
Best puffs in all of powerpuffland i tell ya.

Now on offer somemore.
4 heavenly boxes for cheap cheap RM15.

Quickly grab.
Had my 1st bite of these when Swen offered me some back in Singapore during the MediaCorp company trip last year.

So good that it registered in my brain.

Me like Puffs.
Spencer Puffs.


FatLouie said...

so now it's ur turn to get emo and depress eh? honestly, ur fren is right leh. u gotta go out more. I have been telling u like ages since i met u in krabi. haih....

tats why u must come to carin's birthday this sat. ok? wear ur pajamas! and bring ur fried chicken wing! I wanna have some!

Jaemy.C said...

i go out i even more depressed then u know! and my peejees is my normal wear wor. i'll come in that la. my ciken wings were only available for that special limited edition christmas time ler.....

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