Saturday, September 26, 2009


So Arthur's Day went down last night @ Sunway Lagoon.

As predicted it was overly crowded, excruciatingly hot, annoyingly cramp, everyone was sweaty, performances were draggy...

...and utterly gile babi awesome when BEP took the stage.

God forbid i was already very very worried that it was going to be another PCD 3 years ago. Which it kinda was. Only difference was the fact tat BlackEyedPeas gave such a good performance i forgot about everything else when they came on.

Considering that this was supposedly an event with so many other artists performing and not a BEP Concert itself, i anticipated them to do maybe 3 songs max give or take.

u know la events like this.
Hype up 1 international artist.
Get us to fork out our precious moneys.
and in the end sure potong stim damn fast finish wan.


BEP performed not 3 or 4 songs...
but a whopping 10 songs weh. (Not including Fergie's and's solo sets.)
Dun praypray.

They brought down their own band, dancers and even stage props.
Who could forget the 2 HUGE inflatable robots standing tall on each side of the stage as BEP performed at Oprah's 24th Season Kickoff.

Unfortunately i never got the chance to execute the dance above which i have been killer rehearsing non stop prior to last night because of the various reasons stated at the beginning of this post. (read line 2 from top)

So they got it started with...err... Lets get it started.
Then went into some of the other songs in the THE E.N.D album.
Rock that Body
. Imma Be. Meet Me Halfway.

They also did Shut Up. Dont Phunk with my Heart.
Pump it. Where is the Love.

In the middle, Fergie came out with her 2 guitarists and did Big Girls Don't Cry.
Which was damn good la i think. She was busy thanking everyone for their support.
Very humble of her. Although i think they probably say it on default everywhere they go.

Then spotlight went to Will.i.Am who did his DJing thing for awhile.

Wasnt too into this cuz he took MJ and retro songs and some other ppl punya songs and tried to create a dance club sorta atmosphere - Which so wasnt working - Cuz it was damn cramp and i was sweating buckets and sticking elbow into this other bitch who was trying to steal my standing zone when it was already so hard to get a good view . How to dance u tell me?!

Ended with BoomBoomPow and I GottaFeeling.

I think Guinness gave them a whole hour to kill.
Which they literally did.

Before that it was the other kelefeh artists like Reshmonu and JoeFlizzow and MCHotDog and ManHand and dunnowhoelsecuzionlywannaseeBEP so i was really starting to feel restless from the draggy performances liao.

that's Taboo in white. In case ur wonderin.

I'm not exactly a big BEP fan (or even a fan to be honest. cuz i don't fancy ALL their songs and i don't own any of their albums. Plus Pump It and Let's Get it Started don't get on my playlist.) But they were so humble and engaging on stage tat i think i have a new respect for them la.

Despite all the fame-founding and Billboard-charttopping (I Gotta Feeling is still No.1 after 3123213 weeks) and Grammy-winning, they still wanna give face perform in these lil events in lil Msia with it's never-ending list of rules and restrictions.

GUINNESS must've pulled out all their guns to get them to give so much face weh.

See what i mean? Power guns.

Thanks Lapster for the free passes and an awesome awesome night.
Lets do it again some time soon. *wink wink*


kenwooi said...

haha.. cool..
i never been to events like this before.. =P

alap said...

I want photos! Haha:-)

Jaemy.C said...

kenwooi: haha go only if u are willing to endure sweat, smell and suffering for the band u love. Oh. and if it's free. :)

Alap: I give u already lobster! dun be greeeedy!

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