Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ANGEL : After the Fall: First Night

Once again doing my fair share of contribution towards the Whedon goldmine offering altar.

Once again proving my undying devotion to the franchise i refuse to let go despite the abrupt series finale and even more absurd storyline the comics have taken the show to.

(left) Angel Vol.1: After the Fall
(right) Angel Vol. 2: After the Fall: First Night.

So IF everything is going down the way it is, why isn't the Buff gang doing anything about it or giving Angel and crew the helping hand they so desperately need?

Sometimes i just don't get the continuation (or in this case - discontinuation) in timeline / reality these stories carry.

Makes me wanna watch the whole series from season 1 again la.
At least there's more satisfaction there.


MTV Video Music Awards this year was entertainment at its best.

Especially when it involves egos being bruised and blacks being booed.
Ah. i love live drama.

Lady Gaga's performance was bladi epic. Pun intended.
Taylor Swift's jump from platform to train to car was pretty cool.
I'm having doubts if P!nk was actually singing during her trapeze stint.
Beyonce was legs and girates all the way. Hot as usual.
And Janet's lip sync with weird voice was just... weird.

Nothing new there.

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