Thursday, September 24, 2009


So much to see.
So little bandwidth.

Thus the end of TrueBlood season 2 that hath me heart-aracin', sweat adrippin' and emotions aflowin'.

And you know what they say...
When 1 door closes, new ones go boomboompow!!!


FRINGE season 2. CALIFORNICATION season 3.

HEROES - Season 4 / Volume 5 (so confusing la...)
(keeping fingers crossed that it's their last season yet.
pls pls just end it already.)


Warehouse 13.
(X-files meets Reaper meets Fringe meets Indiana Jones)

(High School Musical meets TV series meets Fly fm

I tried to introduce my colleague - JoLai - to this show and this was how the conversation went down:

ME: Eh eh u have to watch this new series i just downloaded. It's called GLEE.
JoLai: Guli?! o_O
JoLai: Geli??!?! o______O
ME: -______- .....................go back to work la.*sigh*
JoLai: ok! ^^


EUREKA season 1 & 2 still on download queue.

With so much to see, who's got time for a life after work man?!

(btw. see u @ Arthur's Day aka BlackEyedPeasNight tmrw
cuz we all know we're ONLY going there to see them right?)

Need to go study the IgottafeelingOprah dance moves now.


Lisalicious said...

wow series fanatic... :D

Jaemy.C said...

haha not ALL the series around la.
just some tat i find interesting.
wat to do.
i have no life.... :(

nesca said...

oh same taste like me. downloading heroes atm but the line is sooo slowww! later will be fringe!

Jaemy.C said...

Oh my downloading is still. ok :)
just the normal webpages tat take foreveeeerr to load.

download Glee as well!
and Warehouse 13!

nesca said...

aaa so many to download but yeah i will

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