Saturday, September 12, 2009


Caught up with 4 kickass episodes of True Blood and 3 epis of Hung and i cannot get enough of em!

Season Finale tmrw night. argh.

TruBlad is clearly becoming one of my all time favourite TV series now.
Right up there with Dexter.
And Season 1 of Desperate Housewives / Heroes.

Am still not getting the leftover Paris photos from ze Frenchers.


Attended the 8tv screening of The Ugly Truth in Cathay Cineleisure e@Curve tat day and found it surprisingly amusing.

I confess, when i got the passes I pre-judged it based on its poster and shoved it a lukewarm if-nothing-else-to-do-only-go-la response.

Lets see......
regularboldregular fonts. Check.
Clean white background. Check.
Bold colours (red) among less striking colours. Check.
Katherine Heigl. Check.
- all the makings of your everday chickflick i'd say.

But then the movie turned out funny so ok la i eat back my stereotypical judgments.

Went for a movie marathon right after my return to 1Malaysia to catch up abit on what i missed in 3 weeks.
It was a full day of back 2 back movie rushing and me liked it loads.

District 9 @ 11.20am
Dance Flick @ 1.45pm
Up @ 3.15pm

I had mouth-wateringly scrumptious individual Cathay regular set combo happy value meal for lunch (popcorn + coke) and i was running from hall to hall trying to catch up with the movie slots so adrenalin memang pumping kau kau after each movie. (had to exit. take a big walk out the cine. then go in again via ticket man at entrance)

My fave was Up.
District 9 was good.
But Up stole the marathon spotlight with the unexpected storyline and the super deep message behind the movie. Dance Flick is chewing gum so it's best to enjoy chewing and then spit after your done. But then again. I've always been a fan of the SCARY MOVIE franchise. Stupid i know. But me like.  XD

Marathons anyone?

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