Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you're not already bored with my escapade with the French angmohs.......
Here's a recap! - exclusively in easy-to-read point-form picture system format.

I dont have photos because of the incident.
so Google helped me out.
Images are just to give you an idea of where i was at.
May the people who took my bag burn in hell. and suffer. forever.

Just mentally insert me with some killer yauyeng pose in all these pics k?

10th August:
- Charonton

Petit Palais


Eiffel tower
- i was on top.
it was tiring but very worth it.

11th August :

Musee Grevin Wax Museum
(read: Miusay Grayvount. i think.)

- i had photos with Madonna, Gandhi, Obama, MJ and Shah Rukh Khan.
No kidding.
There's a wax figure of
ShahRukhKhan in paris.

Assemble Nationale

Champs Elysees
(read: shaamp zeh lee zeh. i'll NEVER get the hang of french la. CONFIRMED.)

- supposedly the most famous street in Paris.
i found it so-so.
mainly cause i couldnt afford anything there.

Hah. Sourgrapes taste so good.


We also took the Velib' around Paris and put Asians to shame when i crashed into one of those roadside cone things and almost pokaied in front of cafe full of staring patrons.

12th August :

Le Louvre - we couldnt finish everything there cuz its sooo soo friggin big.
managed to take photos of a real live (technically dead) mummy on display.
But photos were stolen so.... *sigh*

Chateau de Chambord - spectacular light show at night.

13th August :

Dune of Pyla - hot and tiring. but very nice view.

Camping@ Saint Girons

14th August :

the drive through the Pyrenees
very relaxing and breathtaking indeed.

arrival @ Barcelona late at night

15th August :
- Barcelona

16th August:

- Bercelona FC Stadium

Sagrada Familia

- Rambla

- picnic@ Port Well

yes tats alcohol.
at 4pm. -_-

17th August:
- bff with the Malaysian Embassy @ Paseo de Colon
- errr.... pretty much just lepaked around the city centre.

18th August:
- 2nd date with Mika (who was the nicest Spanish aunty on earth) from the Msian Embassy - got my emergency replacement passport
- left Barcelona in a bitchfithurry and arrived at...

Bormes les Mimosas
gorgeous town with very nice walkways on a hill.
they say if u go during the early days of summer, the whole town practically blooms with colour and u can smell the sweet fragrance of flowers wherever u are in the town....

Nice (view from where we tumpanged for afew days)

19th August:

- lepaked around Nice

20th August:


21st August:

St. Paul de Vance village
village located inside an old castle.
i loved it.

Monaco @ night -
starred at things that rich people own.
starred and drooled buckets.
22nd August:

- Ville Franche
seaside village. very nice view.
unfortunately the beach "quality" is no where near some of the beaches in Msia.
water was very clear though.
can see to the bottom. corals and Nemo's swimming all around.

dinner picnic @ the Promenades des Anglais
beachside again.
We're such beach junkies la.

23th August
- Milan - airport
- England

Will upload the details of Manchester and London soon!


kenwooi said...

wow you visited all these places..
*envy* =P

Jaemy.C said...

haha yes i did... u also can go wan! hehe... but seriously broke now weh...

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