Thursday, September 03, 2009


Yes i have returned from my budget-burning adventures in the far faraway land called europe and i have grandfather stories to share.

Unfortunately, the most drama part of the trip is the same old cliche that you've seen/heard to death from your friend's friend's cousin's mother's friend's son's fish la.

Asian goes to Europe.
Asian is awed by everything in sight.
Asian ignores repeated warnings of evil things lurking around him.
Asian sits down to eat.
Asian gets bag stolen. Loses passport. Loses ipod. Loses money.
Loses a whole week's worth of 2G Paris photos.
Asian becomes illegal immigrant in foreign land.

Aih. Mafan sei.

It was a saturday when it happened and embassy only opened on monday so we had to drag another 2 more days in Barcelona till we got my passport done.

Whadidatellya? Cliche right?

Not a place i'll be missing anytime soon.

Anyways this trip was considered pretty much out of ma comfort zone because i actually went there to see these 2 Frenchies i met a year ago when i was in Krabi with the Carin (when she was still unmarried and unmigrated) and the Adel (before she cut her hair and before she started announcing to every single soul around that i was a virgin in need of some desperate devirginising)

They were nice people.
But damnit, if i see another Baguette or another round of Cheese... so help me god immagonnabeatyoass and feed you 2 weeks worth of plainbread and processed dairy products. Word.

We did most of the traveling ala roadtrip style so we spend hours a day stuck in the car till our asses turned numb.

We started off at Paris. which i really really loved.
The 4 of us cramped in this hostel room at the outer parts of Paris so we had to take the subway alot to get around. Which was a headache. Cuz the subways are just different coloured lines that zigzag all over and eventually lead to dots that don't really connect.

But i just slumber la. Cuz i couldnt understand ANYTHING on the map.
Even the frenchers had trouble getting around so what more for me?
I left the headaching to them. Heh.

After Paris we drove through the Pyrenee and saw green green grass and white white cows with tall tall mountains all round. Me liked it alot and was oooing and aaaing the whole way. Was taking pics like crazy too but then all gone in the bag tat got stolen so. Oh well. Very Switzerland-ish. (Which was one of the locations i was suppose to go but embassy warned me not to cuz the swiss hated asians. Aih.)

Through the Pyrenee we arrived at the Château de Chambord which is actually an old castle. But it was late at night la so we couldnt see much. They put on light shows so that's wat we stayed around to watch.
But i must say that i have never in my life seen so many shooting stars in the night sky before.
Literally every 5 minutes u can spot a star just zooming by with the lit up tail following behind.
If you blink u miss it.

Next on our list was the Great Dunes of Pyla.
But i was a little turned off by the hotness of the sun.
Felt too much like malaysia actually.
Nice view but bad beach.
Overcrowded and overtiring just to climb up the sandy hill.
The run down was fun though.

After that we drove to Saint Girons' Campeola - where i got to experience euro-style camping for the 1st time in my life. It was a commercialised camp site near the sea so trailers and tents where already made up around the park and the spaces were numbered like rooms. Once again, i took damn alot of nice pics la but it was not mine to keep.
Will bug the french for pics soon.

We arrived at Barcelona in the middle of the night of 14/8 / early morning on 15/8.
Then you know what happened la.
1st meal itself there i kena liao.
Lingered around for 4 days but seriously i couldnt stand the heat anymore so we barely enjoyed ourselves there.
It felt very much like France actually.
Only hotter.
Dirtier and more thief infested.

Call me biased la but Barcelona's image in my head will forever be tainted by the panic attack i felt when i realised i actually had my whole travel bag stolen from right beneath my nose. (well. side. underneath actually.)

After Bar死lona we made our way to this small town called (correct me if im wrong..) Bormes les Mimosas located on a hill along the way. Was a very nice town with small walkways between walkways and basically abit like how that MamaMia! town movie looked like.

We arrived at Nice LATE at night again and we cramped our asses in a their friend's house and sweated buckets during the night cuz, yet again, it was so bladi hot.
Summer sucks in southern france.
Dont go when it's summer.

They took us to Cannes (where Cannes film festivals are held.) and Monaco and this town called Ville Franche where i suspect i got most of my tann from. But once again, i just have to say that the beaches there really cannot fight with our local ones lor.
Really. Cannot. Fight.

So after those places we barely made it for my flight in Milan (yesh. all the way in Italy) and rushed my ass up the plane for my stopover at Manchester and London before flying back to Malaysia.

I barely made it cuz my flight was on final call when i realised there was some issue with my flight ticket to Manchester. Had to fork out extra 40 euros for some stupid stuff. RM200 penalty. urgh.

Manchester and London were awesome la to say the least.
Cold weather. Rained alot but i dun mind. :)
Was a pleasant change in climate. I embraced it.

Needless to say, i am pokai maximus and will now indulge in begger's bread and oat meals as sustenance for the next few millenias or so.

Yeah tats me is in a cemetery. In London.

More pics and stories to come.

Thank u Phil Thank u Emillie Thank u Sara.
谢谢VonsterTham. TrimaKarseh LiAnn.

I will remember this trip for life.
So expensive of course remember la.
Damn it.


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