Thursday, September 17, 2009


I suppose its only logical that i took so long to say a proper farewell because obviously it was really hard letting u slip out of my grasp like that.

Thank you for the companionship during those long walks to/ fro/ work/ home/ Curve/ Ikea /One U/ everyfrigginwhere.

Thank you for keeping me entertained during those excruciating long rides on the bus to SEremban/ PJ / singapore / 12 hour flights...

Thank you for giving me a beat to groove to when i sweat it out on the treadmill.

Thank you for giving me a reason to wear white earphones in public and pretend that i'm listening to music when i'm actually not cuz i just wanna look like i'm doing something.

The sista was cursing me for letting her nice gift to me get stolen like that in Barcelona.
What to do. The Barcelionans just lurve the Asians too much not to let things not get stolen in front of our sepet eyes.

Oh well.
No use crying over spilt milk right?

Ya. i do that sometimes.
Makes my pc table look artsier.


This is my new iPod Nano.

No. It is not the new one with camera and radio and wider screen and polished ionized supercalifrigilisticly shiny surface.

Apple was kind enough to release their new baby 2 friggin weeks AFTER i got my Gen4 nano.
Thank you very much Apple. You the bestest in the whore wide wer.


Nonetheless, i am very happy with my Gen4.
No camera la but then again i already have a digicam for that.
No radio la but then again i can easily listen to stations online. (Plus when was the last time i actually listened to the radio?)
No shiny surface but eventually i'll be covering it up with those rubber protectors aka ipod condoms anyway.

So nevermind.
ya hear meh?


*storms off tearfully and slams room door shut*

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