Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcoming the WhiteBoi

I have a new brother.
He's white and he hails from the land of sausages and Hitler.

I wanna go "Achtung!" everytime i see him.
He's 17, single and ready to mingle yo.

Parents adopted him on a 1 year basis and will be returning him to his mother land once we get bored of his foreign face in the Choong household. Will exchange him for an iPhone probably.

So far its been good.
He talks. English.
So that's a good thing.
We don't have to rely on body language and hand signs to communicate (as i had been afraid of) and he already knows how to poke fun at my mata sepet and skin colour so thumbs up Mr.Jeske on picking up a sense of Asian humour.

I squeezed out watever ounce of basic 华语 i had left in my bananafied blood and briefed him on the super basics of 你好,谢谢 & 傻傻 (山,火 & 大 included) so he wont die of utter confusion and culture shock when he starts schooling in friggin cina ChanWa today.
I fear for his life honestly.

Spot the red headed angmoh.

Oh. and Shyng wants to give him a makeover if/when he visits KL. -__-


yenc said...

why moulala got 1 angmo brother 1?

Jaemy.C said...

student exchange hehe...

Jaemy.C said...
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