Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So Yasmin was in my office building the day she collapsed.

And moments after it happened the word of mouth snowballed faster than the speed of sound from top floor (where they were having the meeting) to our CSD people's super sampat ears and into our facebook statuses.

i heard it and i didn't believe. At first.
Looked like ppl purposely wanna cause commotion liddat.
But when the chitty chatty aunties started spilling the intricate details of how she collapsed in the middle of the presentation and the word "CPR" & "CONFIRMED DEAD" was thrown around. I had to listen in.

Needless to say. I succumbed to the bitterbanter of the gossip aunties *cough SEAN cough* and took into consideration that it was my responsibility as a genuine facebook user to announce her passing as blatantly loud as i possibly could to the world outside MediaPrima.

Only to realise i was already epicly late.

FB was friggin flooded i tell you. Floooded.
"RIP / CONFIRMED DEAD" updates all over.

Then came the crashing news that she really wasnt dead yet.
And then everyone started clearing the rumours. (sillyme included)

In my defense they said her heart actually stopped for awhile before they managed to revive her. That's why her brain hemorrhage was critical.
The heart stopped long enough to cause lethal lethal damage to the human noodle.
That's what they said la.

Thanks for the adrenalin rush Yasmin.
It was a Friday like no other.
I will now kick start my hunt for Gubra, Mukhsin & Muallaf now that your passing will most certainly have made these shows more easily accessible in the market.
Keeping fingers crossed.
Anyone got?

I liked Sepet.
Talentime was ok.
The Petronas ads were always appropriate ice-breaking topics during the festive seasons.
and for that i thank you.

Sorry MJ. Yasmin is the new spotlight.

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