Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Rainbow I-18-7's power supply got cut off on Monday.

Of all the days in the week, this shit just HAD to happen on the worst one. Awesome.
It was the 1st time ever in 2 years of Pelangi bliss that darkness befell us.
I forgot to pay the 3-month-accumulated bill and TNB remembered how to be functionally effective. For once.

Yesh. i am ze guilty.
I deserve to be spanked and disciplined by means of circumcision without the use of anesthetic.
I should be forced to endure the combined might of diarrhea AND constipation at the same time.
Sorry SY. Sorry Danny. Sorry fishies & fridge full of food...

Came home to pitch blackness and couldnt see the HouseBunneigh rustling around in the living room as i stepped in (since she so black also) and i nearly had a heart attack when she hopped in front of me to hand me the depressing news.

Since it was after-office hours, TNB said there was nothing they could do even if we banked in the money immediately. -_-

KNNCCB. No warning letter No reminder Nothing.

And that was how I-18-7 become an excruciating evening of sauna, steam and sweat.
Featuring heat-baked housemates, candle-light acoustic performances and lots and lots of silent cursing (directed at me).
See our tulan faces. Fooyo. Can kill ppl with 1 stare.
It doesnt look blackout-ish cuz of the cam flash.

This was the only pic where i didnt look like i wanted to hit people with that guitar.

Dun be fooled by the smiles.
Underneath we wanted to disembowel each other due to the extreme heat.

i kept telling myself that this could be God's way of giving me an opportunity to reflect on life, think about my future, catch up on reading (at the corridor outside the apartment where there WAS light) and just do the things that i would never be able to do when the PC was turned on. (which meant every-damn thing of course).

But thing is...

When i was reading about the accident that nearly killed Bella as Edward came in for the rescue in Twilight, i kept thinking: i could be downloading Heroes now.

When i was attempting Bleeding Love on guitar, i kept missing the computer monitor with the chords nicely shown at the top of the lyrics on

When i was staring at the light-less Christmas tree, faint sounds of jingles kept creeping into my head from my winamp playlist..

CANNOT sit still and concentrate lo.
Kept fidgeting and oozing cold sweat all over my body (on top of the actual hot sweat)
Now i know what it feels like to be in rehab...

I should just marry my pc la.
Till death do us part.
FINALLY, a relationship i can actually commit to. (cuz i'm a player.)

Getting TNB to switch the power supply back on the very next day was a whole new world of hell & headache... needless to say i was not surprised at their incompetence AT ALL.

Wanted to take half day off to settle it.
They ended up dee-lee-dallying till it took a whole friggin day to get the matter sorted out and power pumping back in the apartment.

Whole day i was worried sick that Stoney, Rasco & NgongNgong wouldnt be able to survive the ordeal in their oxygenless aquarealms....

Thankfully the casualties were minimal.
2 Yamato prawns gave in to the fight. :(

curse you TenagaNasional!
CURSE your children companies and your children companies' children companies!

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