Thursday, December 18, 2008

Work It Baby

So much work can die.

Supposed to direct One In A Million Top 12 contestants in a shoot tmrw but at this instant, we don't even know WHO we'll actually be shooting..... results not out yet. -_-
i hate on-the-spot shoots la. We dun get to plan beforehand.
Damn tension.
Newbie like me (yes i still consider myself fresh and easily corruptable cuz i still can't direct nicely) should be given the privilege to plan my board frame by frame and practice my communication skills in front of a mirror before getting thrown into the fire liddat.

Ok fine. So i direct Newbies each month.
That one plan until so nicely already of course no problem la.


I cannot deny though, I'm actually pretty friggin excited now.
I'll be working with a bunch of people whom i've only observed from afar from last time.
Will be experiencing communication challenges tmrw cause apparently the linguafranca of production shoots is friggin-knnccb-canto. -_-

I've been labled a banana in the office btw.

Doesnt matter if you can speak mandarin.
Doesn't matter if you attended Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina.
Doesnt matter if you joined jiang gu shi (storytelling) and hui chun (calligraphy) competitions and that 90% of your school friends are pure chineses.


As long as you sit at a table full of canto-speakers and you're the only one who can't get the LOL jokes, you are ze infamous Banana of ze group.


I rearranged my room yesterday.
Just got bored and felt like releasing some pent up stress.
So i shove, move, tilt, bend, throw.
SY says the room feels bigger now.
Still alot of work to do though.
Gonna get more 20 ringgit shelves when i am done with the shit i'm going through now.

The other day my friend told me that another friend just left her production job and will be going to UK to pluck apples for a living.

Like, walau.
Abit the drastic right?

But i cant help but feel envious of people who have the guts to leave everything behind and pursue a life free of idiotic clients, moody bosses and fake smiles.

I jealous la.
I have good thing going here.
Focus focus.
OK need to wake up at 6:30am tmrw.

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