Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Work sux.

To pull me away from a depressing state of frak-work-frak-life-ness, i decided to take matters into my hands.

the Xmas Wishlist 2008 was set up @ my lil corner by the window to encourage those who shared similiar suicidal state of minds to stop stressing about work, and stress about christmas instead. Self mutilation is not the answer people.

Started with the simple lights.
Then Jo brought over last year's 8TV CSD tree. (they have a new one in the room now. out with the old in with the new. Figures.)

Twirled up the lights.
Dangled the sparks.
Pasted up the Wishes.

And Voila.

As expected, Xmas Wishlist's cheer aura drew people to it.

And then you suddenly have a whole list of Wishes ready to be sent to Santa.

Erm. I highly doubt tat some of the wishes will come true though...

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