Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In the recent years of breathing and all, I have come to realise that i sneeze uncontrollably when i am stressed.

Seriously, you can tell wan.

I'll be sneezing and mucus-splatting the whole morning/night before a major presentation/shoot/meeting/dateline whilst rushing to finish the job...
then suddenly i'd be ay-okay right after handing up the project.

Can occasionally be confused with a flue.

It's all in the head.
Something damaged or broken in me that links my state of mind to my nostrils.
I bet if i had a chance to go for those serious shit weekly therapy sessions, there's nothing a few jabs or hypnosis can't cure.

I'd be sneeze-free for life.



shiny!ng said...

gasp! i also sneezesneezesneeze!
something's in the rainbow air!

Jaemy.C said...

we're allergic to danny.....

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