Saturday, December 13, 2008


Streamyx is sucking more and more each day at home that i am seriously considering switching to Maxis Broadband.

What say you Bunneigh? Wanna switch or not?
Cannot tahan ady la.
So slow can die.

Money flowing like water again. -_-
Christmas shopping is in full swing...
Somemore Megasa.. i mean.. SavingSale is on now...
(Savings my foot la. Spending means spending. There's no saving in spending.)



£ydia said...

i don't have to worry bout that for another half a year. haha.. the connection here is so fast that even youtube loads like magic immediately. ;p

Jaemy.C said...

EH WOMAN! you wait another half a year i tell you... when you come back here you're DEAD! YOU WATCH OUT! slow connectivity karma and my malaysian wrath will getchu!

£ydia said...

haha.. i can just imagine me pulling out all my hair.. and maybe even all the wires!

Jaemy.C said...

dun worry. bald is the new cool.

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