Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My turn to blog about my 2008.

Last post for the year this is. Woots!
I have alot to reflect on.
I did stuff.
Stuff that i'm proud of and stuff that i feel shitty about.
But thankfully none that i regret.

First, the good stuff.

- I followed in my brother's footsteps and conquered Mount KK with the company of close friends.

- I travelled more than i normally do at the expense of my hard earned moolah.

- I was productive enuf to win some awards on behalf of 8TV.

- I splurged on new CPU. New Monitor. New dining set (for aquarium).

- I appeared in a TV commercial.

- I met a superstar.

- I bought myself a guitar and nurtured the musical side of my retarded mind.

- I had some very very fun times with the gang.

The bad stuff....

- I over-splurged. On everything.
- I was careless. And it cost me an arm, a leg and 2 digital cameras.
- I became a hermit and dived into the dark teachings of anti-socialism.
- I lost touch with the dreams i used to have and am succumbing to the cynical side of reality.
- I lost all sense of patience and can no longer enjoy time consuming activities that do not benefit me in the form of paychecks.

My Favourite Movies of the year were:

The pet flick. The headache flick. The action flick.

Popcorn flicks all of them.
Nothing as significant as the way Pan's Labyrinth touched me last year.
I still think that Wall.E was a bad movie.
But dun worry.

The Spirit was worse and The X Files:I want to believe should never have been made.

Dark Knight was pleasant too. (i'm not really a fan of Batman so less enthu abit)
But the brother is already gagaheadoverheals with the movie so.....
i don't need to fan the fire la...
Happy 2009.



Bea said...

Happy New Year, Jaemy!!

your aquarium has a dining set?? o.O

Jaemy.C said...

Happy 2009 to u B!!!

YEAH. damn lucky fish wehhh...
No la i actually bought a dining set and used the tables and chairs as the base for my 3 aquariums.. :)

FatLouie Lee Cole said...

well done on ur achievements bro, esp on the award part and spong-bob superstar. But u r right about the anti-socialism thing. No wonder u were so impressed with yerself when u actually went out 2 nights in a row for bday celebrations. :) Happy new year jaemy! Hope you had fun last night with ur fingers..hehe..

Jaemy.C said...


FAtLouie u wanna kena from me izzit?!! u just cant stop it with the fingers and the virgin jokes huh?? -_-

and yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U TOO!!!

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