Monday, December 08, 2008


This is a rare occasion but i miraculously landed myself a weekend filled with... get this.. PARTIES.


YES i know.
I was actually going out.
and socializing.
with humans.
for once.

1st it was Adeline's Supafly BBQ House Garden Bday thing.
Then it was JamieTits' Italiannese Bday thing in The Curve.
2 nights back to back.
i am amazed and proud of myself.

This is Adeline's Helium Garden Bday.

Suddenly someone suggested we all sing the bday song in Chipmunk voices..
So we grabbed the floating balloons and decide to experiment...

Most of us had never tried Helium inhalation before so everyone was jumping around in excitement before we took our 1st big puff.

EVERYONE sounded deadass funny after that.

High on Helium ady.

This is JamieTits' Bday.

Dun let tat diabetically sweet outfit full you.
The night was FAR from the innocent sweetness you'd expect from a girl dressed in a cinderella dress.

There was alot of girl-girl tongue action.

There were the scandalous bare-it-alls.

Alot of forking around.

And finally. the blow.

Throughout the night both of us were head-turning at each "Jaeymie" called out loud.
Hence, the JamieTits & JaemyDick was conceived to differenciate the 2.
And yet people still got us confused after that...... -_-

Managed to catch Twilight with SY and Han the other day.

While watching i suddenly realised that all the people who were telling me what an awesome book twilight was..... were ALL females.

Sista was raving about it since forever.
Anna was raving in blog.
Prisca was raving to me through msn.

Walking out of the cinema after the show,
i can safely say... CONFIRMED Twilight is chick flick.

Every scene with Edward in it made SY moan and sigh in breathlessness.
Then came the constant elbowing and pinching when she couldnt contain the hornyness anymore.
This went on throughout THE ENTIRE show while poor me sseated beside her groaned and twitched.
Han was so lucky to be situated on my right.

I had told myself that i was going to finish the book before watching the movie but at my grandfather speed, i only managed to reach chapter 6 before succumbing to the dark lazy side of Cineleisure.

But the sad thing is... I actualy enjoyed the movie.
Ya. I did.

Forget that every scene with tat over-make-upped CedricDiggory dude made me cringe.
Forget that the stupid "i love you forever" lines kept coming.
I actually found myself liking the story after they introduced the whole vamp family.
And Bella getting thrown around at the end was just priceless.
Finally. Some action.

Will still TRY to finish the book but i'm more interested in the 2nd one now...
Lets see how long that takes me before the movie comes out...

2 more episodes before Dexter season 3 ends its glorious massacre.


Alltvmas said...

I watch Twilight and in the hall girls always like "aauuwww" and excited all over the place especially the scene where the doctor been introduced. Girls..'sigh'..

Jaemy.C said...

yala. my housemate also like tat.
dun get it....... -_-

FatLouie Lee Cole said...

u know what? I'm impressed myself too seeing you 2 days IN-A-ROW, at parties, man! Must buy 4D already. Maybe u can try next time 3-days-IN-A-ROW?? Try it! Try it! Konfem fun wan!

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