Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas peeps!

Potluck in the office was supadupa fun.
Food and fools galore.

We were told to prepare food and i was semangated to prepare something hands-on...
so being the expert chef i was, i contributed the item that i loved consuming the most among all luxury eadibles...

Fried Chicken!

It was my 2nd attemp ever at preparing this fine dish so i was pretty hyped.
Actually got up @ 7am to prepare.

Sapu the flour. Goreng in the oil. Garnish with vegie.

Walauweh i was drooling buckets and fighting myself so hard not to finish all the ayam goreng on my own cuz i was getting sooo friggin hungry while arranging it nicely in the tupperware.

The official CSD welcome.

We were told to dress in christmasy colours and some people went all out to hog the potluck spotlight.

Eleana the santarina/reigndeer.
Whichever you prefer.

She bends over good.

Me and ChrisHiggs high and drunk on sparkling juice.

Everyone high on christmas carbs and carbonated drinks.

Had soooo much work to finish but played the ignorant i-dun-care card.
It was Christmas eve and damn it i was going to enjoy it.

There was caroling, canoodling and of course the infamous gift exchange session...

Plenty of pics taken but not with my camera.

Heck i spent the whole of last night wrapping gifts and was so tired that i was dozing off whilst putting my incredibly cacat gfit wrapping skills to use...

It's damn dangerous ok!?

I was slicing and dicing with my cutterblade and kept cutting out of line from the dozing.
Eyes couldnt stay open.
I'm lucky to have my fingers still attached as i type this.
At one point i actually drifted off to ze dreamland with a doughnut in hand while i was munching on the leftovers that i da baued from the office potluck.
It's Christmas ah!! Come on!!
I dun feel very festive now.
Crap la.
It felt more christmassy 2 weeks ago than right now.
Never mind never mind.
Tonight caroling with the church.

Should be quite fun.
It's always fun.

Ok fine it was funner when i was younger.
and when there were more younger people in the group 3964250894 years ago and we would have our own separate house-to-house caroling session away from the hawkful eyes of grown-ups...

And Ya. i do realise that i am considered a grown-up myself now...


Gone are the good ol days la.

GONE. ..

Oh ya,
See you when i see you.

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