Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TAGnical Error

OK so technically, Van's tag to me was my 3rd ever tag.
And Poco's tag was the 2nd.
1st will always be from Syong HouseBunneigh la.

so if you're free....

(yesh yesh i am. at present time i mean. It's 30 mionutes into christmas eve. Need to wake up @ 6am... ok mayb 7.. to fry chickens for my office potluck tmrw. Froid ciken's rock la.)

Open your itunes or MP3 player. Put it on random/shuffle.
Don't skip anything, otherwise you're taking the fun away.
Answer the question with the song title that comes up.
(i just use windows media player)

--> start now.

(Here goes! Cringe-worthy playlist coming right up.)

You are also known as:
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Your parents REAL wedding song:
Letting Go - Sozi (aiyoh....... )

Your funeral song:
Everything - Michael Bubble

What you think of the world:
Tied Down - Colby Caillat (how true)

How you're feeling today:
Dream Big - Emily Shackelton

The song that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end:
You Were Meant For Me - Jewel

Your significant other sings this to you:
Freeze - Jordin Sparks

Your theme song at your funeral:
Too Cool - Meaghan Martin (Camp Rock SOT) (wah.)

You should create this song title as a screen name:
Shake It - Metro Station (it would be a screen name that sounded like all kinds of wrong)

You would get on your knees and sing this to your best friend:
Ice Box - Omarion

The result of your breakup:
Heaven Sent - Keysha Cole (Woohooo. Singlehood rocks.)

How to resolve a fight:
Scream - Zac Efron (Walau. For once, Zac is right...)

On your first date, this would be playing in the background:
Better in Time - Leona Lewis.

Get down to:
Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings

Headbang to this tune:
I Know Where I've Been - Queen Latifah (the slow Emo-type headbanging. Yup.)

Song of escape:
Konitchiwa Bitches - Robyn

Uh oh, you failed an assignment. This song pops into your head:
About You Now - SugaBabes

Picture this song as an opera:
Little Drummer Boy - Jars of Clay ( i actually can.)

Or rather, this one as a hardcore metal screamo song:
1000 Miles - Blake Lewis

What happens when you find true love:
Disturbia - Rihanna (Hah!!!)

You might say this sums up how lame celebrities are:
Take A Bow - Leona Lewis

Look! It's Spiderman! Play that dramatic music!:
Light On -David Cook

This morning when you looked in the mirror this is what happened:
If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez

The song that REALLY gets your adrenaline rushin' is:
No Air - Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

You truly, madly hate this song:
Migrate - Mariah Carey ( i dun....)

But when you're depressed, this one makes it all better:
Magic - Colby Caillat

What about that one time where you felt really super hyper?:
A Night to Remember - High School Musical 3 SOT (yeah baybhe yeah)

The definition of reality television:
The Little Things - Colby Caillat

You can sing this to the top of your lungs without missing a note!:
Extraordinary - Mandy Moore

Sometimes, you hate the world. Your teenage angst theme:
The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep (wtf?!)

Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it with this tune:
Bubbly - Colby Caillat

Wouldn't this sound cool instrumentally? :
Stikwitu - Pussycat Dolls (yesireeeee it would!)

Ugh, gurlfriend issues again. What helps you get through?:
Forever - Chris Brown

Your Marriage Theme:
Here I Am - Renee Sandstrom (Camp Rock SOT)

Oh Noes, the the divorce:
If We Fall in Love Tonight - Rod Steward (erm. abit the contradicting right?)

Aaw Prom is here! Dance to this:
Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

Then there's summer vacation, here's a little summer jam to go with it:
This Way - Jewel

Drama, drama, drama. This sums it up:
Part of your world - Jessica Simpson

In all reality, you know this is how you feel about life:
Feedback - Janet Jackson

You're off to college, what happens the first day?:
Till I Hear it From You - Gin Blossoms

You're in a fairy tale, better bust out that wacky musical song:
Radar - Britney Spears

Your overall life theme song is :
Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne (yargh!)

So there ya have it!
The ipod Tag!
Thanks Pokes.

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