Saturday, July 31, 2010


Movies caught by lil ol' me lately.


Toilet/shave jokes were biggest LOL parts of the film.
cant say it was anything more than that.
Its a pity cuz there could've been some sort of a "MeanGirls" effect going on here.

MeanGirls effect - brainless bimbo/himbo humour with pinch of depth applicable to reality. and makes you like it. and watch it. repeatedly.

2.5/5 gunks of gore


Strictly for the ignorant lovesicks.
Yes i am a cynic. kinda.
or maybe i just don't get the cheesy "everything-i-do-is-for-u" liners.
Victoria died so uselessly quick.
Cannot tahan the diamond shattering when the Vamps die.

2.5/5 Ploughs of Blood.


Its weird how i only found the sex position jokes during the yoga scene funny.
Everything else was pretty yawnsome.
yes. Perv i am.

2/5 flanks of freaks.


The only thing that amused me in this movie were the yellow Digimen minions.
They were the sole selling point of this film and without em high pitch cutesies running around throwing us all kinds of chaos, i would've found this movie boring.

Teaser really sucked. Thank goodness there was more to it than that fat kid falling into the pyramid balloon.

3/5 mixes of minions


Ah. THE film on everyone's lips now.
The topic of everyone's movie conversation.
The icebreaking opener for film discussions.

Expectations pretty much killed this for me.
The word around the street got to me and i had subconsciously/accidentally placed this movie skyhigh on my expectations list and of course when you expect it to be good - couldnt help it - it always ends up bad. Not BAD bad. Just mediocrely bad.

Dun get me wrong. I think it's an awesome film with a stellar cast and a kickass concept really. but i walked out of the cinema feeling......... expected. Like nothing surprising happened. Nothing that made me clinch my fist and demand more. Blame my eavesdropping curiosity and penchant to follow mass audience movie blabbers.

Loved the dream timezone slowmo bits at the end.
Oh well.
I give it 4/5 Layers of Dreams.


Heard some bad reviews. Watched it. Ended up liking this movie.
So ya see. Expectations can make or break a movie experience.
I think i should start doing what thebrother does by steering clear of any known media coverage of movies i wanna watch from now on. Blocks out the foreign influences.

Was thoroughly impressed by the CGI!
Was immensely disappointed that cina contactlensed dragonwizard clawdude had so damn little screen time!
3.5/5 abookits and hodukens


Enjoyable. Fast paced. Believable acting. Mindlessjoyride. Poutedlips.
Relevantly good twist at the end.
What's not to like?
The sequel will be called Sugar.
or Pepper.
or Spice.
or Spicegirl.

3.5/5 Russian accents

There u go.

Also, just finished season 2 of DAMAGES.

Have to say that it falters in comparison to the 1st season.
Slightly less kanchiong.

Still good.

But less of that edge-of-your-seat goodness.

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