Saturday, July 03, 2010


OK so things have been crazy lately.

Campaigns to copulate.
ideas to generate.
Promos to regurgitate.
Superiors to annihilate

All part of the big plan really.
not an easy one.
But it's a plan.
watchout all ye mothafehkers.

Also worthy of watching out - ME going on and on in your face about the new things on my torrentdownload/watch-after-work list.

Beware my unending rant of exaggerated drama plots, lame ass lines and random scene impersonations.

Because i am currently high on...

because the new season is so damn awesome can die.

because i just finished season 1 and am bloody hooked on it.
friggin addictive.
season 2 on the way.

because the housebunneigh had been bugging me to watch it for AGES
...and i kept giving her the cold shoulder.

...and also because i went through 3 episodes and friggin laughed my head off.

and also because it is now my current fave comedy.
of the moment.
as of now.

Sorry Big Bang Theory!


FatLouie said...

wei.. u got Tru Blood season 3 meh????

Jaemy.C said...

yar! just finished episode 4 this week. why why????

Jaemy.C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FatLouie said... nice? must be download lar right? i'm waiting for the dvd... can't catch the series on tv.. always forgot. ehehe...

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