Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Co-directed a shoot yesterday.
T'was a Merdeka promo campaign that required a hellota props, shitload of on-the-spot improv and precise timing for movements.

fatiguely tiring.

Was supposed to end by 6pm.

Ended at bladi 11.


All i can say is, you can never have too much planning for shoots.

I have to admit that i did not have the proper planning for this one due to the fact that shit is shat everywhere and everyone steps on them once in awhile and groans in agony and curses the world when it happens and there's nuthin' yo can do 'boutit really but go home and cry to mummy.

Now i understand how some movies are re-written and re-done and re-written again and again before they get that proper kickstart overdrive.

I was crackin my head trying to piece the 874237432840834 jigsaw puzzle together for weeks before finally settling with something close to my liking.

And even that i wasnt completely satisfied.

Budget wise, bosses were hammering 1 single message into our heads during meetings:


I was also not prepared for the unforeseen circumstances that befell us when a whole memory card's raw footages were tragically deleted by someone from the crew. We were forced to re-shoot a handful of scenes because of this mishap. Bummerz.

talents getting cozy under the sheets.

To add salt, there was another separate crew that was scheduled to built a new set for another shoot at the very same location that same night immediately after our shoot (which was scheduled to end at 6) and we had tonnes more to cover.

therefore, you get yourself the perfect Kodak moment of chaos:
- improper planning.
- cheap-ass budget.
- killertight schedule
- lackness of manpower.
- amateur experience.
- other crews standing around cock eye-ing us with crossed arms impatiently tapping frustfeet on floor for us to wrap up so they can proceed with THEIR set up

picture it yet?

the frantic faces,
the tension in the air,
the zombified crew.
the pullinghair me.


cheering on our producer to clean faster.
Que you-missed-a-spot joke.

Oh well.
Live and learn.

Hopefully after the cleaning up in post, things will look up.
Keeping fingers crossed.

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