Sunday, July 25, 2010



So how much can happen to u on a plan-less work-less weekend where all u want to do is sit at home and grow fungus between your soles and the tiles underneath ur pc chair?

lets see...

You can... get sickly contaminated by chicken rice da-baued from a regularly visited restaurant and end up moaning and groaning your friday night away in so much cold-sweat agony that you force yourself up at 4am and drag ur numb feet to the 7-11 opposite your apartment for Panadol because you 1) realise u can no longer tolerate the pain and.. 2) realise you don't have any Panadol with you.

You can... miss a much anticipated Saturday night friendgang gathering because of darn chicken rice contamination and be deprived of much needed laughter, joy and ego-kutuking jokes and appear NOT to appear in any of the facebook photos uploaded the very next day, once again because you were too busy containing the crap that somehow kept leaking from the side of your butt cheeks everytime you fart.

thanks for keeping me in your thoughts guys.
really feelin the luv. thanksalot.

You can... cook yourself the most canggihfied breakfast and realise it was all for waste when your tummy starts groaning halfway in. the bad kinda groan. the type of groan that you heed or else.

You can... cause the potential death of an innocent human being who was only doing his job because you were too damn lazy to call for delivery from another place of eateries (see la somehow OldTown is the ONLY place you can order food from that guarantees you FAST delivery and ZERO fatality.) Ya. Your McD delivery dinner was involved in a tragic road accident and you were the cause of it. Probably collided with some other nonsensical driver who wasnt as hungry as you were at time of impact.

Thankfully. 2nd batch of delivery edibles arrived safe and sound and my god it was heavenly.
Never tasted Bubur Ayam so good before.

oh and if ur wondering if 1st batch dinner Delivery guy survived.
He did.
i asked the new delivery guy when food came to my tummy's rescue.


GOOD Bubur Ayam!

mmm. *pats head and rubs tummy*

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