Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We waved a tear-jerk heart-felt goodbye to our dear brownhairedbrother 2 weeks ago.
By 'tear-jerk' i meant joy.
By 'heart-feal't i meant clapping and cheering and celebrating overload on the inside.


With the blink of a darkcircled eye, it has been a year since we welcomed the whiteboi into our humble luvhouse of endless nags, overwhelming housechores and 0-tolerance towards profanities.

We sighed in absolute grief and mourned in mucus-filled nostrils as we sent him packing back to the sausage cave from which he crawled from after a-year-long stint of living in Msia as an exchange student.

These here are pics of 钟凯谦's last supper with us before his dropoff at KLIA.
By '钟凯谦' i meant Kai.
By 'us' i meant my gracious presence.
By 'supper' i meant dinner.
and by 'KLIA' i meant freedom from sudden unreasonable slaps on head by annoying foreign child of European origin.

hapi family of fish, vege, pork, shiutcha and matriarch's iron fist scoop.

(left) fire in the hole. (right) byebye chinese food

Dday arrived on a Friday night flight and whiteboi took his time to bid his necessary farewells and goodbyes and solongs for the last time before stepping out. Never to return.

By 'Dday' i meant the day we were rid of his senselessly childish "Bangcock" jokes of obscenity and violence.
By 'took his time' i meant he was done in less than a minute cuz he couldnt wait to get back to his less humid less jammed less poor country.
By 'never to return' i meant he's probably gonna visit again soon. with his whole family next time. i sked.

nothing says "goodbye i-luv-u" more sincerely than the good ol groin smellin'.

point and wave.

@ KLIA with the arrival of the ChanWa Kai-tourage.

"Pinky-swear that you'll never come back?"

hapi family. Hi5 from the sis and peaceout from Kai mum no.2.
(the Dad is missing in this photo. He was too sad to join us.
His aging heart can't handle the pain of losing another son.
(he lost this son here to the world already.
i am lost to the worldly sins of unmentionables.
never to return again.))

Executing grouply manhugs on the Kai-tourage

So. let it be known that from this day forth there will no longer be an angmo residing at the Seremban residence.

No more slanderous racist remarks.
No more impulsive physical abuse on my face, head, back and stomach.
No more wannabe shout-out-loud canto bad words picked up from cina classmates that eventually lead to long awkward lectures from the family matriarch.
No more "I'm white and even I'M tanner than you!" comparisons.

We will miss him.

I think.


lydiascl said...

1. Terry looks like he is sending Kai off with the 'international symbol of goodwill (NOT!)'
2. "by 'heart-feal't i mean clapping and cheering and celebrating overload on the inside." : i 2nd, 3rd, 4th... that to infinity and beyond!
3. "by 'Dday' i mean the day we are rid of his senselessly childish jokes of obscenity and violence" : refer to point #2
4. Germany lost the World Cup. Vacuum on that!!..

Jaemy.C said...

1. Peace, love and armageddon yo.
2. u miss him tat much huh?
3. u miss him tat much huh?
4. i like paul. i wanna cuddle him. in my diving gear.

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