Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Was at St Francis Xavier's church the other day to witness colleague Li Ann berid of her bachelorettehood in holy matrimony to Benji.

Was a tiring day indeed because a certain restaurant had misinformed us of a certain item that was supposedly purchasable as a gift and when we got there *cough* Tenji *cough* we were told to get lost.

A pretty demoralizing way to start the day if i do say so myself.

Ended up rush-scouting/purchasing another prezie and then realising that it was not obtainable that day, so we scribbled love letters and threw it into a nice packet and wrapped it up with all the TLC we could conjoure up for the day and presented it to the blushing couple as a face-saving gift. Phew.

black is back.

It was a simple wedding. Simple and nice.
Vows exchanged in the church.
Hi-tea in the garden.
Perfect the way it was.
but humid and sweated loads.
Extra flavouring to the food right.


(left) Uncle Dave downing his juice.
(right) Popo picks up french dude on the table.

perky pink and the black widow.
(Swen's cat died so she decided to honour her pussy by drenching herself in the colour of her pubes)

couple and perkypinky.

us wishing them all the best


I am officially jamdicted.
did this for July's jamlist.


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