Monday, August 02, 2010


i really really likey the new way facebook layouts their photos now.

They arranged everything in 1 long page compared to what they used to do previously where you need to click 1 page after another after another until you damn sien and give up all together browsing cuz it was taking too long to load. (somemore if you're browsing for certain pics you take dunno how many umpteen years before you actually find it)

They made the browsing images larger, distanced narrower and cropped much neater now.


Now when i click on photo albums i dun mind waiting for the photos to load so i can stare at the neatly arranged collage of pics in full window view.
Like you could just capture scrn and printout and it would be an awesome poster on your uninspiringly bare room wall that you never had the motivation to jazz up due to whogivesafrak.

..or maybe its just cuz my photo skills are just dropdead kickassly topnotch that they cant help but look so damn good when placed together correctly.


(actually half of the pics above are from housebunneigh's cam.
taken by her. arranged by facebook. placed here by me. )


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