Sunday, August 08, 2010


Attended the launching of @ Sunway Pyramid convention centre the other day and realised that people at the event were exchanging hidden meaning winks everytime my name came up during the introductory stages of our mingling sessions.

Everytime significantly scandalous words like "satisfaction" or "jaemy" came up, u can see the brows slant as the unsaid elephant-in-the-room glances shift from me to the colleague standing next to me for affirmation of some punchline that i wasn't in on. This carried on until someone bursted the bubble of the day. but even then i was still blur and enjoying the privileges of being the mayor of cluelessville.

Then i went back to office today and saw this.

...and the whole world made sense.

i have finafrigginly obtained the fame i have longed for since longtime longing.
and u know wat the experts say la - no publicity is bad publicity.

I embrace with open arms.
Come to meh babeh.

thanks la Swen.

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