Saturday, March 06, 2010


I have a balcony with some space.
I have converted some portions of that space into habitats of potted greens.
Potted greens are nice to look at and they make me feel happy and relaxed and non-suicidal.

see. you dont feel like slitting your wrist or drinking rat poison right?

Here are more of the green stuffs that i like staring at while my mind sings haunting emo tunes from the New Moon soundtrack.

Sometimes, the green-growing viny stuff that look strangely like mutated barb wires tend to attract other life forms that attach themselves to them and start reproducing.

its a bird's nest.
i was contemplating harvesting it and making Pelangi birdsnest soup.

the vines grew so long they started invading my southern neighbour's balcony.

And then there are the green stuff that somehow start cultivating their own creativity and begin growing in their own twisted way. bending the rules. trying to break out of the green norm society.

they're not straight.
i am unsure if society will accept them the way they are.

How does your garden grow?


kenwooi said...

my house has lots of greens too.. thanks to dad =)

Jaemy.C said...

i wanna be friends with ur dad! (actually my dad is like tat also.. )

chenneo said...

if society doesn't accept your plants the way they are, society can go fuck itself with a deformed durian. :)

Jaemy.C said...

how about a rotting rambuton? or an ostracized orange. or a pokedup pineapple?? can society fuck with those too?

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