Thursday, March 18, 2010


What can i say?
Because it was too tempting.
Because i have my needs.
Because i was bored shitless and impulsive decisions give me the adrenalin fix i need for the day.

And because facebook is so fun when your cuter-than-cute colleague forgets to log out of her facebook account and physically disappears from sight, leaving an open field of possibilities completely unguarded, unattended and undeniably inviting.

wow. she's gonna be a mummy.

Of course, by initiating such drastic actions,
you obviously need to be prepared to take responsibilities once all hell breaks lose.

Consequence no.1:
scorned victim publicly puts the word out for a cheap price on ur head.

Consequence no.2:
revenge is a dish best served when you attend a sudden meeting
and forget to log out of YOUR facebook account,
leaving door open to opportunities for paybacks from hatchet-barring frienemies.

Hell hath no fury like a Kathoon scorned.

Moral of the story:
Use protection!

Another day @ the office.


Tony Wan said...

lol! nice advise!

Katherine said...

the moral of this 1 should be - ALWAYS remember to log out even u're away for just few secs.....

**~Pu-3~** said...

LOL~ this is funny. ;D Thats why i never believe people's status on facebook.

Garfield said...

bro, u really should be careful lah
since u kenakan ppl already, u should always be prepared that someone will revenge lar.

u r so careless to leave ur PC unlocked

Ammar said...

status thief...

Jaemy.C said...

Tony Wan: i know i know. i give good sexvice indeed. get it get it? sex+advice = sexvice. get it?

Katherine: happy or not kathoon happy or not? does revenge taste sweet? does it??

**~PU3~**: some are true. i mean. the ones tat matter. on second though... yeah ur right. just dun believe is safest la.

Garfield: i knowww. :( nxt time i need to password lock and put traps all over my keyboard.

Ammar: yeah. newly discovered hidden talent of mine. who knew right?

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