Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A VERY enlightening morning conversation with the housebunneigh via msn / (cuz damn company ban msn) :

jaemy: hows the weather?
sy: pretty good
sy: the weather's pretty fine
jaemy: are u fine?
sy: i'm fine too
sy: why, did i look not fine to u?
jaemy: no u always look fine
jaemy: but are you REALLY fine?
jaemy: tats the question
sy: i believe no one's REALLY fine
sy: i guess i'm okay fine~
sy: could be better
sy: my fine's a couldbebetter fine, u kno
sy: though it's quite fine as it is
sy: if i could, i'd like a couldbebetter one
jaemy: yeah i guess everyones a couldbebetter fine nowadays. personally im in a couldbecouldbebetter fine phaze.
sy: yeah
jaemy: but the couldbecouldbebetter fine is also ok la
sy: yeah?
jaemy: theres a fine line between couldbecouldbebetter fine and fine
sy: but if there's no couldbecouldbebetter fine
sy: the fine'd do too, is that it?
sy: u can live, with the fine
sy: just that u'd live better when u have a couldbecouldbebetter fine
jaemy: couldbecouldbebetter fine is rather confusing state of fine
jaemy: its like limbo fine
sy: it is actually
jaemy: but overall its still generally fine
jaemy: all confined within the fine
jaemy: fine within the fine
jaemy: u know?
sy: yeah i guess that's pretty much similar to mine
sy: it's just... all fine
jaemy: generally overally fine
sy: though it couldbebetter/couldbecouldbebetter
sy: but... for the moment fine'd do
sy: fine is just fine
jaemy: im fine with being fine too.

so. kesimpulannya.
we are fine.
in case anyone's wondering.

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