Saturday, March 20, 2010


I like jams.

They go well with bread, butter, toast, angst, pent up workstress and a desperate need to bang something.

They also make uncles look a whole lot younger and yauyeng-er.

And they train up your multitasking skills.
(left) uncle play drums and sing at the same time. Dun playplay.

As usual, i am nowhere to be seen because i am the camera holder.
Camera holders arenotqualified / dontdeserve / looktoofugly to be in photos.

The other day i had a conversation with a friend that went something along the lines of:

friend: so who u going jamming with tonight?
me: oh with this group of old uncles la.
friend: oh how old?
me: erm... 30's.
friend: tats not very old. you're already 25.
me: ...............(long pending pause)....................shit. you're right.

And as simple and as instant as that, it dawned upon me...
no wait... more of a lightning jolt than a briskful dawn...
like a meteor had crashed on me and had suddenly shook the very foundation of my puny existence to the core... it suddenly hit me that i will be joining the golden ranks of the "uncle" category very soon.


Cold sweat drips down my forehead amidst my realization that age is catching up with me.
I can only shrug and curse.

The OTHER other day i took a free bone endurance test in 1u organised by Anlene.
And just by chance take a guess what the end results were?
I was placed in the "risky" zone.
The yellow zone next to the red zone where octogenarians and osteoporosis proners lurk.
The section reserved mainly for citizens of a rather more senior standing in society.
So there you have it. I'm officially a fragile-boned human. A slight touch and you could dislocate my wimpy shoulder. A soft push and you could shatter my rib cage. A gentle tug and you could snap my neck instantly.
That's what the results say. I dunno.
I run i walk i sweat i move and stay mobile alot. I dont get it.
The ignorant way of thinking would be that I was a victim of a tired examiner dozzingoff on duty during the roadshow or maybe a malfunction of machinery at the presence of my overzealous nerves during the test. Either way, i am not completely convinced that my abled body is that unable.
I'm not!

Aiyo. You see la.
I wanted to write about my cool new uncle band but i ended up feeling depressed about my age and deteriorating body.

How uncle of me.


FatLouie said...

I think u've been attacked by quarter-life-crisis pandemic.... welcome to my world babehh!!

Jaemy.C said...

boohoooooooooooo. Adel i dun ever wanna grow up and grow old and then die of uncleness laaa....

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