Thursday, March 11, 2010


I must confess.
The Oscars used to bore me shitless when i was younger.

I used to look at this glitzy grown-up awards show and wonder why the hell people actually bothered to sit themselves down just to watch stuckup angmos give boring speeches that dont ever have anything to do with us.

And i used to wonder how excruciating it was to watch this endless parade of perhimpunan speeches with only 1 or 2 performances slotted amidst its 3 friggin hour long show. and even then the performances used to make me yawn.

Snore man. I never got it.
Hand me the MTV Awards any day.

And then i grew up and discovered that movies were apparently made out of alot of hardwork and sacrifice from alot of people doing alot of things like location shoots and writing and directoring and audio mixing and costuming and set designing and special effectsting. And more importantly i discovered the REAL use of internet and torrent and unlimited easy access to movies without forking out an extra dime on pirated dvds.

Ah. How times have changed.

This year's Oscars were pretty fantastic i'd say.

Maybe it was because i actually took the effort to catch 8/10 of the best picture nominations.

Maybe it was because i watched the entire show in the office (ok parts of it here and there cuz i actually have work to do) with the colleagues cheering on for Kath Bigblow Bigelow to make Oscar history and rub it in ex Cameron's face.

Maybe it was Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's hilariously onstage chemistry. (dont care what TheStar says about how bad their hosting was. they were a riot.)

Most enjoyable presenters to watch were undoubtedly
Tina Fey & Rob Down Jr.
Cameron D & Steve Carell

the awesome dance performance.cant forget that.

Avatarrified Ben Stiller.

Such a joy to watch.

The only bad thing about the awards was Tom Hanks presenting at the end for Best Picture.
Dude comes on and does his thing and reads his cues and suddenly just blurts out the winner with no drumroll anticipation of any sort or any form of suspense for us viewers to hold on to before the climax.

Everyone in the office literally went “wha… ? was that it? Did Hurt win? Oh. they did. Ok.
Oscars was running out of time apparently.
Poor shiny statue had to pee badly.

It’s a pity though.
The Hurt Locker is one boring ass movie.

15 minutes into the film and I couldn’t take it anymore.
Left the living room and facebooked the rest of the movie away.
Occasionally stealing glances whenever there was an explosion or people getting snippered.

OK I reckon I should give it a 2nd chance soon.
I liked the close up slowmo shots whenever the bombs detonated.

Random LOL crap:

funneh shit.


Nicholas C said...

Eh Hurt Locker is awesome okay. But District 9 should have won Best Picture

Jaemy.C said...

i'll give it a 2nd watch ok? i would've wanted "Up" to win la.

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