Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Can the good people @ BBC please cancel off Heroes and spare us the agonising anti-climatic story already?...
We know we're going to be disappointed with whatever they throw us.
So please get it over and done with.

I'm such a sucker for stories that start off addictive and then drag and drag on forever.

My obsessive compulsive disorder compels me to watch Heroes, Lost & Desperate Housemilfs because godamit i wanna know the ending, NOT because the show's are getting any better....

I find myself cursing out loud in every episode now.

Syler is pathetic. Unless he eventually kills off Microwave kid, the whole paedophile "protege" thing going on is stupid.
Hiro is stupid. I can't take his "it is our destiny" talk anymore. 2 seasons was enough.
If Daphne is really dead, then that's stupid too. Absolutely no justifications for her character.
Let's not even start with Arthur's demise. Buffy's big bads go down with more oomph.
Claire is getting unbearable. With so much death and betrayal going on around her, she should be on the verge of an emotional kamikaze. Head kena cut open. Mother ter-killed herself (technically murdered la) Father is an ass. Flying boyfren was a meaningless filler. Biological father is an even bigger ass. ARGH.

Where is Micah?
Where is Muscle Mimic girl?
Where is Flying Filler bf in season 2?
Where is the Hasian?
What was the deal with Nikki/Jessica?
What was the deal with Stacy?
What were they thinking when they brought Adam into the story? ..And then killed him off so meaninglessly? Same goes for Matt's supposedly super psychic boogeyman dad....
Where is Kaitlyn?
What were they thinking when they brought in Maya and Alejandro?!


Heroes sucks.
Big time.

And the worse part is... i will still watch it everyfrigginweek.

It's soooo becoming another X-men / 4400....
Which pisses me off even more...

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Bea said...

i totally agree man....they should've stopped after season 1...hahaha

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