Saturday, February 21, 2009


Too long have i stayed in absolute ignorance.
Too long have i let slip these emo-depressing master pieces.
Too long have i stayed katak di bawah tempurung-ed...

For once i have actually seen 3/5 of the Best Picture nominations in the Oscars.
( i know la. 3 is so not brag-worthy. but aiya wat the hecks.)

I had already written about BenjiButt earlier.
Milk and Slumdog are both, in my opinion, much better than Benji.
Both are super emo shows that get seriously disturbing at certain scenes but end very very nicely. Plus i didn't fall sleep watching them. Wooooo.

I think that Slumdog really should win it tmrw.
(coming from someone who hasn't even seen Frost/Nixon and The Reader. Heh. I'm so biased.)

I was eating Fried Chicken during the jump-in-shit scene in Slumdog.
For once in my life i actually ALMOST lost my appetite watching a movie. Almost.

Sean Penn should receive Best Actor for Milk.
And someone needs to give James Franco something for the abundant male-male make-out scenes.

A mouthwash maybe.


Go Slumdog!


Alltvmas said...

yeah, Slumdog is the best. Certainly quite disturbing watching the poo scene. It's just urghh.

Jaemy.C said...

somemore i am not the type tat is easily grossed out....
seriously man... tat scene was just pure classic!

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