Monday, February 02, 2009


I initiated my 1st ever gym visit awhile ago.

I have never, in my entire 23 years of life, ever set foot in an actual gym before.
I have attempted numerous times but always gave in to pressure at the last minute.
Dun laugh ah.
Gyms make me scared.

A colleague won a 2 week trial membership from a company event and decided to give it to charity.
aka. Me.
And god knows i take what i can get.

So i ended up attending a Body Combat class with Swen, Juney and her bf.
And my god. it was awkward.
For me anyway.

Forget the inferiority complex factor that EVERYONE there was buffer and bigger size than me.
Forget that i felt damn shy when EVERYONE suddenly knew all the steps when the instructor started the class and i was left standing there like a lost child.
The fact is, the class was very VERY tiring and i sweated monsoons.

It felt exactly like Sunday school all over again.
Yeah. it did.
Like how everyone was doing "walk walk walk walk in the light *clap clap*"
and i'm just standing there damn kayu, sticking out like a sore thumb with stress sweat all over my forehead.

It was so obvious that at one point, instructor had to specifically point me out from the crowd and tell me "just walk.. JUST walkkk...".

Fail la me.
Fail. o_____o

Tmrw personal trainer gonna take us through step by step on how to use the machines there.
It's bad enough i am completely ignorant to this.. gym.. stuff....
But it's another whole level of sad when i don't even know how to operate the machines.


i can feel my body aching now.
You betcha it's gonna be 10 times worse when i wake up tmrw.

Wish me luck.

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