Saturday, February 14, 2009


I miss my mamak delivery. :(

my apartment had mamak delivery service.
How megalomaniacly cool is that right?

i stress on the pass-tensed "had".

They delivered the shocking news on a quiet January afternoon.
With the completed transaction of the Nasi Goreng Cina Ayam to my hands and the cash to his, came the sudden announcement that they were no longer functioning their business or residing as a cafe on the 4th floor of rainbowland. Packing their bags and heading back to India, they were.

So the panic attack hit and i started asking myself things like...
"DIE. Where was i to obtain my bodily sustenance now?!?!" or "Where was i gonna turn to for sudden stomach-growl relief and quick dose of budget unhealthies?! WHERE?!?! ARRGHHH" u know. the normal stuff.

I am a superkau lazy person.
The gazillion of restaurants located downstairs are strictly off limits due to the fact that i simply cannot fathom the thought of walking out of my apartment on a lazy, LAYZEE evening.
No way.
I think i was a fat obese person in my past life...

Calling the bff mamak delivery has been a routine for me for the past 2 years or so.
But now that they were no longer in existence, my lazy dinners have been filled with Old Town (exclusively to Pelangi Residents ONLY. woohoo.) and McD deliveries.

OK. Sounds pretty darn appetising right?
Old town. McD. Ipoh Horfun. BigMacs. Yum.
But seriously, try having Ipoh Horfun for 4 nights in a row. (i was sick. cough. )
Try having Old Town @ work during lunch (cuz the colleagues are such fans. -_-) and then coming back to Old Town AGAIN after u step home.
Try obliging to the rule that u HAVE to order at least RM10 worth of food for delivery to be applicable.

McD is fine but they take forever to arrive.
By then i'm already dead.
or worse, the acids had already begun feeding on whatever 0.002% of fats my body contains.

So if u see me getting skinner than the skeleton of a frame i already am, blame it on lack of mamak delivery.

Oh god the agony.

I miss you, boss.

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