Friday, January 30, 2009


I should have taken friggin long leave during CNY la.

I think i made a mistake being thrifty about my 20 days of leave.
There's no justification for being hardworking when NO ONE is around to notice you being hardworking in the 1st place.
I'm gonna use my leave like water beginning now.
just wait and see.

Vomit blood everytime i step into office.
That's probably the reason why i need so much time to myself after work. I don't go out cause I need the personal time to recuperate from all the blood puked out during the day. Oh well. Life's hard. No surprise.

Chinese New Year was super slumber.

Is it just me or do these festivals get less and less fun as you grow older.
Cynicism and dullness just replaces all the enthusiasm you once had for these special occasions.

Anyways, big news - I finished a book.
it's actually bigger than big.
it's HUGE.
An achievement all together.
Took me 2 months.
Half the time i took to finish the draggy book known as American Gods.
And i actually enjoyed this one killer max termamat sangat.
Really really good book.
Thus confirming the fact that my attention span caters only to books that dun use so many novelistic words.

The Graveyard Book.
Me like.

Ending was very bittersweet.

And very very perfect for the story.
There's no other nicer way to end it.

Oh and i'm going for Jason Mraz in March.
Heh. Han the Hamster was so semangat that i couldn't help not NOT feeling the flames of fan craze (eventhough i'm not that big a fan myself).

The fella actually went all the way to SungeiWang, endured the pushy crowd and relentlessly pursued the 15% discounted ticket que until he was the LAST person entitled to the promotion. Others behind him curse him so much he sneeze the whole way back.

THAT's what you call determination!

There's hope in life after all.


Bea said...

u have 20 days of leave???!!?!

i only have half of that....LOL

Jaemy.C said...


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