Saturday, January 10, 2009

Overdue Things of 08 (and Beginnings of 09)

CumOrGetPokedindeFace @ Pelangi Crib 2008

ONE IN A MILLION finalists promo shoot @ what'sthatplace

I got to direct a considerably large scale production.
Was friggin tension but damn fun.

Kiteday Sunday @ Taman Metropolitan.

Believe me.
Kiteflying is NO walk in the park. (pun intended)
It's friggin rocket science la.

Sad thing was, kite line broke when it soared the highest.
Reached it's prime and overdid itself for it's own good.
RIP kite. I bet you're in a better place now.

Illegal Balcony BBQ @ Pelangi

If we were in Singapore, we'd go to jail for doing this.

...But we werent so we didnt give a damn.

Tina Mina Tuna Tunnel McDonald's
T-Rex Birthday 2009 @ Full House

Our bday present to Tina was the exclusively revamped,
re-stretched & re-mixed nickname.

Happy B'lated Tina!

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