Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Called Me and...


I received a call from HouseBunneigh SY while i was @ the office.

Which was kinda weird cuz memang she was still ONLINE on my msn list.
Could have easily msged me there and save her precious prepaid money.
But No.
This was a straight upfront call.

Me: Hello...?
SY: Jaemy........ ni.... zai... na li..... (where r u?)

Me: Office. Why?
SY: ni de ....gar.......... si liao.....(your gar is DIEDED)

Me: haaaaaaaaaaaar...................(looong speechless pause)
SY: di shang quen bu dou shi xue........ (there's blood all over the floor...)

Heard enough.
Rushed home.

She wasn't lying.

Puddles of blood to trauma me as i stepped home.

I dunno how i dunno what I dunno why,
But I do not think that Stonie jumped out of the aquarium willingly.
I really don't.
He's a happy Gar.
Happy Gars DON'T attempt suicide like that.
He's been with us for 2 years++ now and he has never shown signs of depression.

My theory is a far out one, but because Stonie's aquarealm is placed relatively close to the 18th Floor balcony, my bets are on the gigantic KL crows that vulture over our city everyday.

Yes. It's the birds. I know it is.
Danny says feeder fishes have been disappearing too.
Damn birds. Damn damn birds.

But ThankGod, as i type this Stonie SEEMS ok now.

He was kicking and spazzing shortly after the 1st call from the HouseBunneigh (as i was rushing home) and she called Danny and ran to grab dustpan and cleaned dustpan and scream like hell and filled up bucket with water and sweeped bleeding Gar into dustpan and unloaded Gar into bucket full of water.....

So ngam that the day she took leave was the day Stonie decided to pull this shit.

He's alive.

I only pray that his wounds do not get infected or anything these few days.

Close one.
I really thought i had lost Stonie lor.
Was already rushing home in a broken heart and phazed out state of mind.
The type you feel when a loved one passes away or when you turn numb by turning on denial mode.

p/s: part 1 of story here


yenc said...

siak si wo le.... i tot he died from shyng's blog. ^^ happy that he is still alive.

Jaemy.C said...

i thought he sure die liao when i got the news from shyng!
wasnt expecting him to live through the night also....

PHEW.... xing kui...

look.eye said...

You were saying that the GAR was out because of those damn birds.

Then in the end there you were saying "So ngam that the day she took leave was the day Stonie decided to pull this shit"

But Stonie didn't pull that shit what. Is those birds.

Bunneigh to save the day~

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