Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Video We Did in 2004

Lo, behold and get ready to witness,
an age old video this way approaches.

T'was the year of 2004,
in the bright festive month of December,
when a group of church-going youths decided to gather.

To concoct a Christmas video was their main objective,
the word of Christ was their definite initiative.

With the overflow of commercialism in the world today,
We knew we had to alot to convey.

So we set out to preach
the true meaning of the season,
and to debunk what had become of this occasion.

Amateurs and first-timers everyone was,
heck we were still in high school (most of whom were peers),

We fondled the cameras.
We stormed the locations.
We brushed aside the humiliation,
of working under strict adult supervision.
(Only because we were under much obligation.)

Drama queens, over-acting scenes,
Androgynous roles thrown in for no means.
We plowed and we had fun,
Until it came down to the actual run.

So forgive the crappy editing,
Ignore the lame ass script,
We were young and chirpy,
and oh so syok sendiri.

Still, it's a memory,
Of things that used to be.
It saddens me to confess that
alot has changed since our debut on the docket.

So here it is!
An old treasure i managed to scavenge
from the forgotten abyss of my dust cluttered sty,
a humble video that, miraculously, did not go too awry.

(You may commence cringing now.)


lydiascl said...

i so miss doing such crazy things...
seriously goreng giler also come out nice...
and we forgot to take our customary 4ekor pic for Christmas..

Jaemy.C said...

wat to dooo...
we''re all growing up and becoming boring souless corporate zombies.
i miss doing this like that too...

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