Saturday, January 03, 2009


Damn it.

Anyone know how to remove the annoying pop-up ads that appear whenever my page loads?


It's got something to do with my Chatterbox on the right...

it's 2009 and i feel a wave of uncertainty sweep over me.
With the economy crisis waving it's diabolical stench over the country, everyone says it's not a good time to start a business or venture into unfamiliar territory. (Which is actually what i've been dying to try out for a while now.... )

Unfortunately at the moment, I am forced to retreat and duck into my little panic room corner until the time comes again when i can stretch and flex my ambition.


ON the other hand, what's a business endeavour without risk?
What's life without a leap of faith?
What's to gain without pain?

I wanna start something...
But i have neither the resources nor contacts nor skills to kick-start the aforementioned "something".


i caught 2 fun flicks from faithful torrent :

Disaster Movie and Zack and Miri Make A Porno.
(The poster for Zack & Miri just kills me la)

Disaster Movie was
utterly stupid.
Painstakingly slapstick.
Excruciatingly shallow.
and that's why i was laughing my ass off!!!
Its been a while since i actually laughed to myself so loud in my room...

I like this one la.
So much funnier than Epic Movie and Superhero Movie.
Ya. I'm a proud supporter of the Spoof franchise.
i saw the poster of Dance Flick the other day in the cinema and it made me go "OoooooOOOoo!" in 7th note high pitch loudness.
That's how enthusiastic these movies make me.

Zack & Miri also damn fun!
The Porn nicknames. The vulgarism. The deliberate bad porn acting. Me like.
I think Seth Rogen is just dying to take all the taboo subjects in our lives and make them into comedies la....

Pregnancy. Losing your virginity. At 40. Weed. Now Porn.

Spirit was pure crap.
Ip Man was fun.
The Day The Earth Stood Still was ok. Only because i had already heard of the bad ending and prepared myself for it.

2009 yo.
Be strong.


Bea said...

o.O what pop-up ad?

maybe u should run a virus scan or

happy new year!

Jaemy.C said...

oh?? no popup?? are u serious?
i get this annoying pop up ad whenever i open my own blog at home or in the office...

Alltvmas said...

i use firefox and said it blocked pop-up when i visit ur blog.

Jaemy.C said...

yeah!!! i dunno how to remove it la.... its so annoying!

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