Saturday, March 12, 2011

I AM No.26

In mathematical terms of rounding up numbers, i would be 30.
But thank god the accurate calculation according to my birth certificate is still within the vicinity of a just-turned (longoverdue) happy (barely) healthy (hopefully) 26 year-old which came to pass about 2 weeks ago.

In the midst of scouring through an early life crisis, uncertain future thinkings, and insomnia, the lovely lovely people around me managed to pull me out of despair and slip in some much appreciated fiesta fun i had been desperately craving for.

There was song.
There was dance.
There was frolicking and clandestine touching.

...and there was Bieber.

and me.

and Scott Pilgrim.

At the end of the day every humans had smiles imprinted on their faces.
...except for a minor snafu when the housebunneighshoy dropped precious money all over the unknown land of can't remember where. poor thing. money rocks ok?!
it sucks when ur rock is missing. :(

the superhumans i owe my thank yous to.


Also had steamboat with the ex-colleagues++.

which was followed by jellycake blowing after.

with Feb-ulous Februarians.

and a very nice constantloudobnoxiouscontinuesknock on door at 12midnight of 27/2....

..for this.

from Housemates of Rainbow.

i is a lucky lucky man.

I have no wishes accept that whatever challenges/risks that may attack me this year, god please make the payoff/cheque worth it....

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