Wednesday, March 09, 2011


OMG u do not know pain until u have had someone fiddle 2 hospital contraptions down(up?) your nostrils and proceed to shear/tear away excess flesh while you are completely conscious watching the good doc do his thing on a 21 inch monitor in front of u.

His thing meaning your thing.
Specifically your nose.
Or rather, the insides of your nose.

I swear it was agonizing as hell and i cried like a baby.

So this is the immediate aftermath of the entire ordeal.

and this is the reward i got to take back for my bravery.

It's the loving tubes that spent a week inside me.
Holding my fragile nose in place.
Sculpting my mashed up insides so that my humanly proboscis may yet stand a whiff at life.

Pretty fascinating no?
With the dried up blood + mucus still intact.
Doc yanked the whole set of twins out in 1 mighty pull.
i was literally still tearing and bleeding while telling the nurse i wanted to keep the tubes.

The conversation went something like this:

me: "can i keep those?"
nurse: "yes darling. I'll wash it and then give you later."
me: "no need."
nurse: "oh no need to give u?"
me: "no need to wash."
nurse: "err..... oh..... k............"

Raw and Rugged.
That's how i roll.

*spits into bucket in cowboy macho badboy manner*

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