Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Oh the wonders a night of insomnia(ma) can do to your stagnant list of to-dos can sometimes be so friggin satisfying.

I was tossing and turning in bed and when the lids refused to transport my mind to slumberville, so I decide to hop back up and actually started paving my online portfolio - which by the way - i have been begging and hammering and urrrrg(h)ing my procrastinatively stubborn conscience to do since the pre-dates of dates.

One thing led to another and it sorta became a lil obsession of mine for a certain time frame of 3am - 5am. u know... like how your heart beats fast and your palm turns sweaty and your leg can't stop taping and waging like you're high on something at 4am? Ya. It's like that. i managed to get some forced shuteye after 5. Then yanked the lids open and jumped straight into it again from 9am - 2pm.

before i knew it, it was done!

Still trying to figure out some minor details (ok maybe not so minor cuz i bloody hell want it to be perfect and cant stop OCDing about it) like how to canggihfy the header; how to add in segments so there's a more systematic navigation going on; how to add in a link to my contact details somewhere and how to infect other cooler, awesomer portfolio sites with virus - BUT overall it doesnt make me wanna puke at my own shit. So it's passable. I leeched off tumblr's free themes so i dont have full reign over the layout. (And also because i know shit about html.)

Go take a look at my baby HERE.

Go see. Go see.

Pains me to say this but....
Thank you, insomnia.



asma HazeLnut said...

like the promo's..recently baru tau that it's rupenye u did all the good job..no wonder the song pun latest2, it's u lorr....nyce job choong...when can we meet and u belanja i??hahaha..let's gather2 and i will bring farrah also..jom!

Jaemy.C said...

HAHA thank u soo much hazelnut!!!! eh really i am so glad tat you like the promos la. i always takut i punye work not good enuf tau.... so thank u! eh jom la next time we can makan and i belanja u ais kosong and u belanja me fried chicken! woohoo!!

tik said...

Wow, that Showdown 2011 is your work?! I always thought that was cool! All of them are nice, great job my friend! =)

Jaemy.C said...

tik! wah thank u very very much!!! happy that you think they are nice and watchable. hope they can bring me more work hehe....

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