Saturday, April 02, 2011


Despite my very obviously enlarged nostrils (so says the colleagues) and still recuperating nose, i managed to sneak in a small trip to Bangkok to pile on the massive amounts of MCs/Leaves i took from work.

Seriously, the good doc was not holding back AT ALL in handing me MC's.
i swear in my head it was ringing "JACKPOT!!"everytime he waved one in my face.
and what crazy person would say no to those lovely, lovely pieces of paper hor?
i take la of course. Almost got into shit at the office for having so many MC's in a month.


It was indeed my 1st time stepping into the land of 'sawadeekraps', ladyboys and happy ending massages and i must say i felt absurdly retarded and completely lost. most of the time.

Every corner and every turn of a signboard was like a doodle code i had to decipher to get around. And god knows how much i just LURVE a good mind boggle on a carefree holiday trip - FYI: Not at all.

This little experience has further strengthened my firm belief that i will not be able to survive in a country that does not embrace English as its main communication lingo. Yeah. It's English or perish for me.

1st thing's 1st.

In Bangkok, I ate. ALOT.

roadside bkk beef noodle. thumbs up.

coconut ice cream

egg noodles + crab

creamy sweet crunchy thingie

sweet crunchy thingie with raisins

everywhere i went i tried to stop and stare eat.
Looks funny? Stop. Buy. Eat.
Looks foreign? Hold. Purchase. Consume.

thai appetiser

chicken intestine rice roll soup

McD broccoli pie!
pretty darn good actually.

friend chicken skin heaven.
ruby red dessert.

Also, another thing i noticed at 1st scan around the city,
was their very super uber canggihfied electrical lines.

Which is literally just dangling in knot after knot along public walkways everywhere.

For some reason, I kept seeing flashes of Final Destination when i see these lines.

Other than admiring the circuits of Bangkok, i was also diverting my attention span to afew other new sights.

Like striking pink cabbies!

...which were really quite heaven sent.

It's like you can flag down one of these cabs ANYWHERE on the road at ANYGODGIVEN time and the nice cabs would stop stiff on the road for you to get in. And the best part is, the cars behind DON'T honk like the rude overpossesive overcibai-ed drivers here.

Cabs are also cheaper there compared to the cuthroat prices here.

ok fine. i'll get to my touristy shots and my touristy smiles amidst some touristy building in the backdrop soon.

MORE pics and Bangkok vents to come....

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