Friday, May 21, 2010


Things i am currently very much happy about:
- the friggin weekend and an outing with the hooligans
- some very fruitful ideas on the Merdeka project we'll be working on soon. brainstorms work.
- in my temporary possession: year-old Morrison classical guitar for fingerfondling purposes
- the cancellation of HEROES. finally. thank. god.
- V's killer season finale. this might just be the series to watch out for. after DEXTER of course.
- Actorlympics @ Jaya One 2 weeks ago
- my much anticipated and cannotwaitanymoreori'lldie week-long leave.

Things i can go on and on cursing about until the sky can fall down in a blizzard of burning fire :
- workload pileup crapness
- heavy meteorains that hit precisely when i need to bloodyhell walk home after work
- the cancellation of FLASH FORWARD after only 1 season.
- future plans that are still merely plans and nothing more
- the Bounty Hunter. stay far far away from this lousy excuse of a romantic comedy. snore.
- the crashing of my 300G WESTERN DIGITAL hard disk. Goodbye photos. Goodbye fullseason downloads. Goodbye porn. Ppl pls send me photos (and other stuff). Mine are gone. Taken into the abyss by Western Digital. Yes. Western Digital. Dun ever buy anything made by that name.
- not being a billionaire.
- the GLEE hype. i dun get it.

i just realised my curses surpass praises.
i'm a bitter bitter person and i will write emo songs on my temporary new guitar now.

Watch out.


Ammar said...

Flash Forward shouldn't be made at all. i hate the storyline and the cast too. it's boring. (4me)

same thing happened to me. mine 500GB Hitachi hdd. mine m720p movies. HD perfomances. workstuff. urgh.

Glee??urm, what is Glee? (LOL)...

Jaemy.C said...

flash forward was nice ah! loved the concept of the show. wats wrong witcha ammarrrrr wats wrooonggg!!??

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