Sunday, May 09, 2010


Weekend with KLDesignWeek @ KL Convention Centre.
not particularly pleased with flushing my religious chillpill weekend time down the drain for a company-sent conference but some speakers were actually pretty inspiring to say the least.
Plus the fact that the company paid for everything. (except meals. bah.)
So go lor.

got random post-lunch breakdance performance somemore weh.
Famous Crew. dun play play.

Bumped into so many ppl.
So many.
TOA lecturers.
Old colleagues.
Former classmates. *sorry Locksin. didnt hear ur screams la*
Work acquaintances.
Friendly friends.
New friendly friends.

1st day was ok.
Attended alone.
i practically slept through the whole Hideki's presentation.
He was boring and his translator wasnt helping perk up the mood one bit and i didnt get any of his abstract work.
I had equally lonesome new friend Parveena & SarahLian as company.

2nd day was interesting enough.
But nothing too explosively mind-blowing.

3rd day was awesome.
Loved the motion presentations and all the presenters.
Though once again, i fell victim to heavy eye lids during the jap fella's session.
Maybe it was the translator. Maybe it was the cold room. Maybe it was the slouch-curledup position i had slumped myself into in the seat.
Cuz his work certainly weren't sleep-inducing one bit.
Short attention span for foreign languages i guess.
Especially when its double the slowness with a translator.

jap dude presenter Fantasista strutting in his self-designed textile.

colleagues and i (3rd day) waiting for the halls to open
(left) my uncleshoe-ed leg directed at Popoh's foodfilled face.
(right) my epicburp directed at Jolai's focused face

photo session with the textile-wearing asian male Eryka-Badu jap dude.

Now gimme back my weekend pls.


Katherine said...

Arggg!!! I wish to go also!!!

Jaemy.C said...

toooo bad. who ask u duwan to suck up to me somemore? whooo ask u?

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