Friday, September 23, 2011


Is it a designer thing to be able to whip-out some of best designs (subject to opinion, of course) for a client in 1 day or 2 but whimper in agony when  it comes to designing a personal project?

When MizzKoh and I started the company that is our businesslovechild, we had so many ideas of how it should look and what persona it should carry and which direction it should follow.

But now that we are getting into the specifics of the so-called "brand identity", we are just killing ourselves trying to get it perfectly right.

We wanted it to look funny. but then after a month we were afraid we didnt look "professional" enough.
We wanted the colours to feel loud and bold, but in the following weeks we came to really appreciate the beauty of a pastel/beige-driven scheme.

We talked about the importance of namecards, but for the card to work, we need to nail down the look, which we dun want to rush out in fear of the impending sienness it could bring.

headache until can die.

I remember Art classes back in Primary School where i'd be gilehappybabi drawing anything according to the theme of the day, but when the teacher handed us a blank piece of art block and told us to "zi you fa hui" (free to express), i panic instantly. Cause there was just too much i wanted to "fa hui" until i dunno where to start.

Give me a full brief with details and i can cook up a storm but hand me a blank sheet and i'll fold.
Too much goes on in my head until i dunno where to start from.

Must think positive.
Must think positive.
Must think positive. 

Here are just some sketches i've been working on for our company look and feel.

perfection is the ultimate killjoy
cuz we're only human
and so is our work!

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