Sunday, September 18, 2011


Despite knowing these people for nearly 10 years, we have NEVER gone on a holiday before.

FYI by holiday, i dun mean 1 day outings where we spend half the day in the car and 3 hours in a mamak stall.

i'm referring to an actual holiday. where we fly. we get in a van together. we get chauffeured to a foreign place (and not fight about who fetches who or who takes turn to drive who where) and then we just lepak for afew days (and not worry about where to go what to do or how to get where).

So anyway after much discussion (in FB, no doubt. love technology and how its destroying our human-to-human interaction. luvit! ) we settled on Lang Tengah.

This was actually the 2nd time oWaiYee and myself were setting foot on the nice sharp corals sands on this island. Our virgin trip here happened 2 years ago. (here. here. and here.) but we stayed in a different hotel on the other side of the island. (which is also reachable by foot)

but somehow this time... the rocks seemed... shorter.
maybe we got taller.
maybe the sand washed in and elevated the ground.
maybe the world is coming to an end.
i dunno la... but either way it was still damn fun.
just chillin and laying there with no 58342083958034 things on ur mind.

amazing scenery.

seaside Giantess picking off humans for dinner also got.

Ah Jin bending over for me to oil and touch.

karaoke video beach walk.

at night we played lantern like small kids.
(since it was Mid Autumn festival tat night)
(and we are all small kids at heart)
(some still small kid mentally)

i havent touched a lantern in ages.

And surprise surprise it was during one finely served BBQ dinner one day that the Hotel staff came running over to our table and asked if we wanted to see one of the most beautiful things a beach trip could offer - a turtle laying her eggs.

WAH i tell u i literally sprang up wanna fly already.

Our trusty Hotel man lead us to the location not too far away and we managed to witness this fragile creature going about her natural course. Of course with this taking place, the onlookers were beginning to pile up closer and closer till it reached a point that i started to suspect that these people were after more than just a nice glimps of the poor thing.

i really think that they were after her eggs.

When she was done everyone was too busy pulling a paparazzo on the poor thing i think we had it traumatised for life la.

i was thinking "GOOD. pls dun come back. too unsafe for u here."

the poor thing actually got stuck when it was making her way out back to the sea. I'm quite certain if we werent there to help her out she wouldve been maggot food.

it was a really huge turtle

This was taken on the jetty.

There was a private fairytale beach wedding the day before
(ruined by the night storm HAHA)
so we took the opportunity the next day to trespass and camwhore.

(i'm not smiling cuz i tot we were doing the whole
traditional-family-portrait-numb-face look)

(thanks for NOT telling me we were going for happy family smiles, guys)

(thanks alot)

nice trip. good friends. cheap stay.

OH YA did i mention tat we were the ONLY guests in the hotel during our stay?
we practically had the entire beach to ourselves throughout our visit.

beachgasm la really.


asma HazeLnut said...

so syiokk lahh..

Jaemy.C said...

damn fun! u should go there too (have u been there before hazelnut???)

| wÅ¡¥eË | said...

wah. looks fun!

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